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City 17 Street
The Path to Clandestine

No. of episodes

1 (and counting)

Original release

16 March 2016–May 2016


The Call of Clandestine


Fall of Clandestine

City 17 Street - The Path to Clandestine is a story arc in City 17 Street and acts as the penultimate chapter to the finale. It follows on from The Call of Clandestine story arc, and leads up to the tenth anniversary special.


A few months after leaving City 17, Nathan Johnson returns after getting information on a doomsday plan being set by the Clandestine Company and must work with his allies to piece together the information to prevent it from occurring.

Despite this though Derek Robertson and the Clandestine Company succeed in opening up a gateway to Hell which allows demons to travel on through to earth, as well as Race X beings. City 17 is thrown into chaos, and Derek's defense system comes online and closes off City 17 to the outside world. He then orders his demons to tear apart the outside world and prevent anyone else gaining access.

Nathan, along with his friends Dan Mason, Simon Simms and Don Simmons escape the city before it is completely locked up and flee to the countryside.


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