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The Fall of Clandestine


Original release

July 2016–22 August 2016


City 17 Street - The Path to Clandestine


City 17 Street – The Legacy of Clandestine

City 17 Street - The Fall of Clandestine (also known as The Last Episode, Grand Finale, or Epilogue II) is the upcoming grand finale to the City 17 Street series, both the original series and the reboot. It will wrap up the Clandestine storyline arc which was set up in The Call of Clandestine, and be the final episode to the "original" continuity which was established back in the first episode "Pilot" in 2006. This will also the be 10th Anniversary Special.

Elements from Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two will be used.



A large assembled cast is planned to be used for the series, which will see major and recurring characters somehow making an appearance.



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