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City 17 Street
Original cast
The original cast

No. of episodes

54 (and counting)

Original release

22 August 2006–25 December 2007



2008 series

City 17 Street - Half-Life Era is a nickname given to episodes running from the 22 August 2006 to 25 December 2007.

Originally starting as a prequel to Half-life 2, the series forked into an alternative universe caused by Nathan Johnson in which The G-Man (essentially the main antagonist of this era) plans to dominate City 17 for his own unknown schemes.

A spin-off City 14 ran briefly during this time, which bridged the gap between Walter and Freddy and Pool of Death. Another side-plot (acting as a sort of prequel) titled Half-Life Files was also shown.


The "Half-Life Era" consisted of seven different series.


Taking place in the twelve-months leading up to Gordon Freeman's arrival in City 17, the Resistance and various citizens start to prepare for an uprising against the Combine. During this citizen Nathan Johnson starts going on adventures with various friends and trying to work out whether or not to be loyal towards the Combine, or fight on the side of the Resistance and save City 17. During this he ends up using time travel, and in the process creates an "alternative" universe different to that of Half-Life 2. This includes preventing the destruction of City 17, and a different fate for Wallace Breen (who gets eaten by alien bullsquids instead of killed by Freeman).

After Breen's death a power struggle begins on who to handle Combine administration. John Robertson is appointed administrator of City 17, and he has plans to free the human race once and for all. Not wanting this, The G-Man hires Nathan to kidnap John's daughter Hannah, thus forcing him to step down and instead appoint G-Man. But Nathan has a change of heart and in a moment of redemption, saves Hannah and plans to take down G-Man. G-Man tries to escape in his teleporter but Nathan blows it up, only to be caught in the explosion himself.

Nathan ends up being sent back to when he first arrived in City 17 the year previously. But City 17 is a lot more darker and grim, and G-Man is in control instead of Breen. Nathan goes up against G-Man and manages to kill him, and fixes the timeline and returns to present moment (but unfortunately resurrects G-Man in the process).


Series 1

  1. "Pilot" - a simple episode depicting the average day of City 17 citizens.
  2. "The Idiot" - Walter Bennett plans revenge on the Combine for attacking him.
  3. "Another Day" - tensions rise between the Civil Protection and pro-Resistance citizens, causing a bloody street war. (2 part episode)

Series 2

  1. "Halloween Special" - zombies begin attacking City 17, and Nathan Johnson and Billy Bones must survive the night.
  2. "Headcrab Infestation" - City 17 is put on high alert when Headcrabs escape from a Combine Transport Truck and spread through the rundown areas of the city like a plague.
  3. "New Year" - Wallace Breen is determined City 17 will have a good year.
  4. "Return to 17" - Walter Bennett leaves City 17, but finds himself being sent to Nova Prospekt.
  5. "Walter and Freddy" - Walter teams up with a fellow citizen Freddy to escape Nova Prospekt.


  1. "Mr. Purple"
  2. City 17 Files (3 part episode)

Series 3

  1. "Pool of Death" - Nathan Johnson teams up with brother Monty and their best friend Sarah Woods to infiltrate a Combine facility, but are captured and put in a pool with sharks...
  2. "Surprise Return"
  3. "Day Hard" - Nathan ends up in the world of Battlefield 2.
  4. "Turnaround"
  5. "Chain Reactions"
  6. "The Mission"
  7. "Another Time"
  8. "Holly's saved"
  9. "Jed is leaving"
  10. "Bad times"
  11. "S for Stabber"
  12. "Dark Energy"

Series 4

  1. "Legacy of F.E.A.R."
  2. "Birthday Nightmare"
  3. "The Life and Times of a Freeman"
  4. "Wedding episode"
  5. "Assignment"
  6. "G-Man hates Freeman" (2 episodes)
  7. "Cheaper by the One"
  8. "Black Mesa"
  9. "Bafflement"
  10. "The past times"
  11. "No Prospects"
  12. "Black Mesa Escape"

Series 5

  1. "Gordon Freeman"
  2. "Helicopter Crash"
  3. "Operation: Kill Freeman"
  4. "Monty's downfall"
  5. "City 17 Obituary: The Death of Wallace Breen"
  6. "Where is Freeman?"
  7. "Case of mistaken identity"

Series 6

  1. "The Kidnapping of Hannah Robertson" (2 part episode)
  2. "G-Man's Game
  3. "Against the Clock"
  4. "Showdown"

Series 7

  1. "Back to the Past"
  2. "Holly's vengeance"
  3. "Night of the Living G-Men"
  4. "Hunter Intrusion"
  5. "Attack of the Advisors"
  6. "Crash"
  7. "The Axe Murderer"
  8. "Preparation"
  9. "Rise of the G-Man" (Conclusion)

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