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The Legacy of Clandestine
City 17 Street The Legacy of Clandestine


Original release

10 February 2017


City 17 Street - The Fall of Clandestine


City 17 Street – The Legacy of Clandestine (also known as City 17 Street Legacy or "Season 1") is a continuation of City 17 Street - The Fall of Clandestine - the original grand finale to City 17 Street. It acts as a relaunch of the series which takes place following the Clandestine Company story arc.


The story picks up six-months following the tenth anniversary special in which Nathan Johnson is on the run from a group known as The Elders - the enemies of the now dissolved Clandestine Company.



# Episode name Original airdate
1 "The Elders Calling" 10 February 2017
2 "The Daring Countryside" 11 February 2017
3 "Night to Remember" 12 February 2017
4 "The Great Purple Dinosaur" 14 February 2017
5 "Rebirth of Clandestine" 15 February 2017
6 "The End?" 20 February 2017

Behind the Scenes

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