Tenth Anniversary Bash
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"Old Ground"

City 17 Street: Tenth Anniversary Bash is the tenth anniversary special of City 17 Street and follows on from An End and a New Beginning. The special is self aware and features nods and fourth wall breaking (to the point there is no fourth wall) and a large cast of characters from over the course of the series, ranging from main to minor. Various versions of characters also exist, for example the "character" version of Nathan Johnson and an "actor" version. This applies to several other characters also, giving the impression the celebration takes place in reality, but with a mix of fiction.

The story also featured the use of characters becoming self aware of their existence in a video game. The last time this has been done was in the Christmas Special 2014, and was a common joke in the third series back in July 2007. As such, the ending features Nathan accidentally "loading" to a previous saved game, which happens to take place at the beginning of Half-Life 2 (so nine years in the past). A similar occurrence happened in the episode Dark Energy.

Plot Synopsis

It is the tenth anniversary since the writer Nathan Johnson started his own Half-Life 2 related spin-off series City 17 Street. He receives an invitation as do his friends Dan Mason, Simon Simms, Don Simmons and Billy. They get an escort to Dr Kleiner's lab, in which many characters - both from Half-Life 2 and Nathan's World as well as other fictional universes - are gathered together. Even Nathan's fictional counterpart is present at the party. Apart from Nathan and Simon themselves, other original cast members are present such as Billy Bones, Samuel Pade, Alison Robertson, John Robertson and Walter Bennett, despite all four of them being dead. The character Nathan scolds the writer/actor Nathan for killing him off, and wants to talk about reversing it.

The party gets into full swing as characters start enjoying their company. But lurking in the back, Frank Blackstone, Darko Rascalov, Blank Slate and Tony Angelo are plotting revenge for their treatment over the years. Frank fires a gun in the air telling everyone to get down on the ground and not make a move. Darko, Blank Slate and Tony draw out their own weapons. Blank Slate takes Hannah Robertson hostage, as Darko takes Samantha Robertson hostage and Frank takes Paisley Hills hostage. Tony attempts to grab Holly Hills however she kicks him in the air and draws a gun out on the three. At the other end of the room Nathan, Simon, Dan, Billy and Don notice the hostage situation and leap into action. Frank demands that Nathan gives himself up to them, as they want him to revert all the wrong doing he has done in his stories over the years and wish to have things their way. But their plans fail when Frank is shot down, and Darko surrenders without fuss. A disappointing Nathan tells them to be banished to oblivion, with no hope of being brought back. Darko begs for forgiveness, but Nathan is cold.

At the end, everyone gathers for a group photograph. But as real Nathan is about to hit F5 on the keyboard to take a photo, he accidentally hits F6 which prompts the game to "load" back to the last save point. The two Nathan's realise the mistake, but can't stop it as they are thrown back in time - to nine years previously.

Nathan awakens on the train, to find out he is in the chapter "Point Insertion" at the beginning of Half-Life 2.

Characters Featured

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