City 17 Street: Omnibus Special is a large collection of stories and episodes from City 17 Street from first episode until the present. It also includes some chosen character biographies, as well as "deleted" scenes material, "lost episodes" as well as behind the scenes notes and information.

The collection will also include other spin-offs set within the universe, including City 14, The Citizen Chronicles and Half-Life: White Forest.

At least two volumes are planned for the project.


  • Deleted Scenes: Removed material from episodes that didn't make it to the final cut.
  • Lost Episodes: Episodes not part of the "main" series canon. This mostly includes content contradicting later works in the series.
  • Character Biographies: More biographies providing backstory on some characters appearing in the series.
  • Commentary Notes: Gives behind the scenes information pertaining to some episodes.
  • City 17 Visitors Guide: An in-universe guide to the locations within the series.
  • It will feature both hand-drawn photos as well as screenshots created with the use of Garry's Mod.

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