City 17 Street: Mr. Purple (or just Mr. Purple for short) was a three-part spin-off series starring Mr. Purple as the main character and aired from the 1st to 3rd April 2007. It followed on from the City 17 Street episode "Diversity Special" and was originally intended to be a full length series and an attempt to revamp everything and start over. The series is currently lost as are the scripts.

Behind the Scenes

  • Following the conclusion of the second miniseries of City 17 Street in January 2007, there were attempts to make a third but to no avail. In February 2007 a ten part spin-off series was created titled City 14 which was intended to replace it, but writing NathanJohnson wanted to return to City 17 Street.
  • Rather than bring back Nathan Johnson or other characters, a new character named Mr. Purple was written and given a special episode titled "Diversity Special" which aired on the 30th March 2007. This was followed by his own three-part miniseries simply titled Mr. Purple. It was intended for it to act as a revamp to City 17 Street and despite a fourth episode being in the planning, nothing else came about it. The series proper was revived in July 2007, and Mr. Purple continued making sporadic appearances over the next nine years.
  • This series saw the creation of Ms. Blue and Lucy Anderson, the latter whom would debut in City 17 Street during the third series in July 2007 and later got onto become a prominent character. Ms. Blue's character became the basis for Sarah Woods, although Blue made a surprise cameo in City 17 Street in February 2016, before being revamped and reintroduced as a main character in April 2017 - ten years following her original creation.


Unlike City 17 Street which up to its second series was treated with more seriousness, the Mr. Purple spin-off was made more lighthearted, slapstick and almost sitcom like - despite taking place in the Half-Life Universe.


Its place in the main City 17 Street continuity is uncertain, although it appears to take place prior to the Seven Hour War and the Combine's takeover. The series is not considered canon (mainly due to being lost and not accounted for) but elements are still kept, such as the existence of Ms. Blue and Mr. Purple's involvement with her.

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