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City 17 Street
The title card


31 August 2016

Created by

Nathan Johnson


Unnamed City, New City 17


Crime, Drama, Soap opera

Issues Total (in progress)

City 17 Redux is a fan-fiction series, following on from City 17 Street which itself is a fan-fiction series based off Valve's well-acclaimed Half-Life video game series.

Rather than being derived purely from Half-Life, it is semi-autobiographical.


Following the destruction of City 17, the world is thrown into further chaos when humanity try and deal with the fallout after the Combine's recent attempt at claiming and destroying the planet.


Series 1

  • Mad as a Hatter - a mentally unstable Nathan Johnson starts believing he is the Mad Hatter, and wanting to replace his daughter starts searching for a perfect family life.
  • Old Man Syndrome - Nathan is forced to face his demons when his first murder victim Nick Munro returns from the dead.
  • Clown Craze - chaos across City 17 ensues when people dressed as clowns start scaring citizens. It soon escalates into violence and murder, and Dan Mason is forced to step in.
  • Clowns of the Living Dead - a sequel to Clown Craze, Bo-Bo the Clown uses a specialised zombie serum to reanimate the dead and unleash his horror clowns upon the city.

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