City 17 Office

City 17 Office is the name given to an office and science facility located in City 17, which was of the primary locations of City 17 Street from 2006 to 2011. It was the workplace of Nathan Johnson, Dan Mason, Simon Simms, Billy Johnson and Don Simmons, as well as other characters and featured many storylines.


The City 17 Office was originally under the control of the Combine and was used to build their weapons. Nathan worked as a file clerk. After the Combine's downfall the office was still in working order and later had a research sector attached to it to study the Combine's weapons so they can be used for defense.

The Clandestine Company began operating here and conducted top secret inhumane experiments as part of their goals for domination. Their plans were thwarted which caused them to flee.

The City 17 Office came under control of three different gang factions, the Angelo (later Simmons) crime family, the Rascalov crime family and the Gelatray crime family. The three factions began a gang war over complete ownership of the facility. The Simmons family "won", but only because their Underboss Andrew Trapani accepted an offer by the Clandestine Company to upload his mind into a super computer, thus he took complete control of the facility and pushed out his rivals. He was later defeated, but in the process a large chunk of the office was destroyed in a blast. The place was shut down afterwards.


Numerous incidents, accidents and deaths have occurred at the office over the years.



  • Uses the cs_office map from Counter Strike Source.

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