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City 17 Chronicles
City 17 Chronicles Logo


December 2016

Created by

Nathan Johnson


City 17


Crime, Drama, Soap opera

City 17 Chronicles (also presented as City Seventeen Chronicles) is a series which acts as a re-imagining to City 17 Street and also expands and retcons earlier stories.

The initiative was originally announced in June 2016, which would have been created to accommodate the tenth anniversary special and grand finale of the original series, although nothing else came into fruition. But in December 2016 the series was launched, with the first title named City 17 Chronicles: Volume 1, the first which will be a remake of earlier episodes.

The first volume features a first person narrative told from the view of Nathan Johnson.


"Based off the award-winning video game series "HALF-LIFE" by Valve Software. Set before Gordon Freeman's arrival in City 17, the story depicts citizens trying to survive under the rule of a tyrannical alien empire known as "the Combine" and their plans to fight back and retake the planet in the hope to spare humanity from complete extinction."


Volume 1: The Beginning

Introductory to the citizens living under the suppression of the alien empire known as "The Combine" and the resistance's preparation for the arrival of an important saviour.

Volume 2: Nova Prospekt

Featuring Walter Bennet's escape from the nightmarish security prison ran by the Combine and his plan to return to City 17.

Volume 3: New Sights

Based off City 14, Nathan and Samantha must survive under the rough conditions of City 14, which proves to be worse than City 17.

Volume 4: The Uprising

With the impending arrival of Gordon Freeman, the Resistance prepare for war with the Combine which has been ten years in the planning.

Volume 5: For the Taking

Following administrator Breen's death, his acquaintance looks to take City 17 for his own, but it will prove to not be an easy task.

Volume 6: G-Man's World

Stuck in an alternative reality, Nathan must try and restore balance to the universe and return home.

Volume 7: New Dawn

Continues after the Combine's complete obliteration and catches up with people's reaction to starting a new age of the planet's history.



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