City 17 is one of the many cities formerly controlled by the Combine Empire. It is the titular setting of City 17 Street.


City 17 is the titular main setting of City 17 Street. In the first year and a half in the series, it was controlled by the Combine as depicted in Half-Life 2. However after moving in another direction, City 17 became a corrupt and crime ridden city, with many criminals and opportunistic organisations wanting their hands on it. The city becomes a target of the series' true main antagonistic faction the Clandestine Company.

In the aftermath of the Combine's defeat, City 17 still faced terrible situations and disaster. From 2008 to 2011 a secret mob war ensued between rival crime families who wished to take over the city, until most of them were wiped out leaving only some members wanting to start a new. From 2011 to 2013 loyalists and supporters of the Combine began a war with the Resistance for control of the city, operating from City 19. This ended with the downfall of their boss Tony Angelo.

But more disaster struck when the Race X attacked earth and planned to carry out their plan on stealing the resources. Although their leader was killed, the devastation to City 17 cost a lot.

Derek Robertson - a businessman and millionaire - began reconstruction of the city. It transpired he was the member of a secret society known as the Clandestine Company who planned to take over City 17 for themselves. The Clandestine Company's presence was alluded to several times over the years, and it is hinted they orchestrated the actions of the New Combine and maybe even the Race X.

From 2015 to 2016 City 17 saw the worst moments in their history, when freaks, monsters and other crazies tried to take the city for themselves. This was a plan set by the Company in order to weaken them, so they will vote for Derek in the upcoming election to give him power as he promised a safer future. This scheme works, and the Company set up a defense system which will shut the city down and imprison them and shut out the outside world in the process.

Derek was arrested and imprisoned for his part in the illegal experiments at the Evo Corporation.

Nine years after their defeat, Combine Advisors were awakened in the arctic having fallen into stasis years previously. Wanting to continue their plans to destroy humanity, they infiltrated the partially ruined citadel and destroyed it, thus activating the super-portal. They planned to use the Borealis in order to enhance their power and obliterate time and space, but this plan was stopped by Dan Mason, Simon Simms and Nathan Johnson as they found the Borealis and destroyed it before it could be taken to the now-ruined City 17.

In the aftermath of the Combine's complete defeat, Nathan arrived in the now destroyed City 17. Reminiscing over the past ten years of staying there, he said goodbye to his town before departing for the Outlands.

The city went through a major reconstruction, with the plan to bring back the city and reopen it as part of a tribute to the fallen victims of the Combine, as well as the now defunct Clandestine Company. But this was a scheme by a new group calling themselves The Parliament, who had more shady plans in mind.


Behind the Scenes

Various maps are used for shooting City 17 Street. The obvious ones are from Half-Life 2 themselves, but other maps created by Garry's Mod players are used, such as rp_City 17. The main Garry's Mod map Gm construct is sometime used, which within the City 17 Street universe is a park situated next to City 17.

In the earlier stages of the series, it was planned to destroy City 17 in order to tie with the ending of Half-Life 2: Episode One and lead into Half-Life 2: Episode Two (which at the time of planning was still due to be released). However in mid-July, even though the events of Half-Life 2 occurred, some time travel and retconning created an alternative universe, changing the course of events and sparing City 17 from destruction.

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