"City 17: The Chronicles of Dan Mason"


25 October 2016





City 17: The Chronicles of Dan Mason is a prelude story to City 17 Redux which acts as a recap of the character of Dan Mason, who took over the role of the main protagonist of City 17 Street. It features backstory not explored much before during his early time in the series.


Dan Mason is now a private investigator and running his own crew of agents to tackle with the overwhelming chaos thrust upon City 17. Dan begins to reflect on his life prior to that moment, and also when the Combine were once in charge.

Fifteen years prior Dan was an ordinary citizen of City 17 who joined up with the civil protection unit in order to try and make himself a better lifestyle. But he used his position to look out for the citizens of the city, and secretly allied himself with the resistance. In his unit he reunited with his childhood friend, Billy Johnson, whom works as a low-ranking metrocop.

Once the Combine are defeated Dan starts working for a Resistance Police Force in the freed City 17. He is sent on an undercover mission to the City 17 Office to investigate mysterious goings on conducted by an unknown party. While there he befriends Nathan Johnson and Simon Simms, and begins to document the goings on with the employees.

A couple of years into his private investigation Dan starts looking into the activities of newly established mafia crime families, who now own stakes in the City 17 Office. He believes that they are the mysterious parties conducting experiments and using Combine technology, so becomes a member of the Angelo crime family along with his friends and to keep a close eye on the boss Tony Angelo.

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