The unnamed "City 14 Pool" was a public pool located in City 14. It was used by the Combine to dispose of citizens, and used a couple of times by others to tie up loose ends by dumping them in monster infested waters.


Consul trapped Nathan Johnson, Sarah Woods and Monty Johnson in the pool in an attempt to kill them, but this failed when Nathan detonated the Consul's machinery and freed them and the citizens. As a result of the explosion, much of the pool was ruined and closed off.

Following the Combine's defeat, the pool was redeveloped and opened to the public, but it was unpopular due to its shady past history and ended up abandoned.

Decades later, Derrick Thompson, Jr began using the pool as one of his base of operations when under the influence of The G-Man and he kept several Xenian species in the waters. When Holly Hills was one his tail, he captured her and dumped her in the pool with the plan to kill her off, a tactic his late father Derrick Thompson, Sr used to try and murder Nathan Johnson. Holly ended up being rescued by Douglas, but Derrick escaped.

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