City 14
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10th February 2007

Created by

Nathan Johnson


City 14


Crime, Drama, Soap opera


On hiatus

Original Release

Original Series
10 February – 1 March 2007
Special Mini Episode
27 February 2017
Revival Series
9 July 2017

City 14, titled City 14 Redux in the second series, is a spin-off series from City 17 Street and ran from the 10th February to 1st March 2007. It features Nathan Johnson for the first time in the leading role, and also sees the introduction of Samantha Robertson as a main character.

A mini-episode followed ten years later in February 2017 as an anniversary celebration.

Later in the year in July 2017, a second series was commissioned after nearly a decade of development hell. Although it will be set in the same universe, it is not a direct continuation of the original series due to the time gap. The second series will be a limited series, with no plan of a third happening at any time.


Following his departure from City 17, Nathan Johnson is transferred to City 14 where he settles down but finds it is worse than City 17.


Series 1

Series 2


Series 1 (2007)

# Episode name Original airdate
1-2 "City 14" 10 February 2007
3 "Valentine's Special" 14 February 2007
4 "Wrapped Up" 15 February 2007
5 "Nathan is hit by a car"
6 "Laura meets the Evil Derrick"
7 "Survival"
8 "Derrick's Revenge"
9 "The Wedding"
10 "Samantha is hit by a car"
11 "Funeral" 1 March 2007

Special Mini Episode (2017)

# Episode name Original airdate
12 "Reflection" 27 February 2007

Series 2 (2017)

# Episode name Original airdate
13 "Times of Change" 9 July 2017
14 "City 17 @ City 14: The Sudden End" 12 July 2017


Originally City 14 was to replace City 17 Street as the primary series. However when City 17 Street returned full-time in July 2007, plans for a second season of City 14 was put on hold.

In December 2007 a script for the second season 2 was being written. A new protagonist was planned for the second season, although Nathan would make a cameo appearance at some point in the series visiting his wife Samantha's grave. However the plans didn't go ahead. However to mark the tenth anniversary a mini episode was created which featured Nathan by Samantha's grave (taking place after the City 17 Street finale episode "The End?"), which was commissioned in February 2017. A few days following the mini episode, Nathan announced that a second series for City 14 was in the planning, which would potentially see Holly Hills as the protagonist.

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