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City 17 Zombie Outbreak


Chloe Peterson is a survivor during the Zombie Outbreak of City 17. A citizen in the already downtrodden city, she was caught up when a zombie virus was spread by Bo-Bo the Clown. Outside governments had the city put under marshal law and locked down, due to the already massive amounts of problems originating from the city. Chloe grouped herself with two other survivors, soon to be joined by another known as Ivan Freeman.



Chloe Peterson originally lived in the Black Mesa Dormitories. During the Black Mesa Incident, she was protected by security guard Nathan Johnson and the pair of them managed to escape through unknown circumstances. Much of her actions during the Combine occupation or after their downfall is unknown.

Zombie Outbreak of City 17

Chloe resided in the partially reconstructed City 17 along with her father. During the zombie outbreak she lost her dad. Alone, she later grouped up with two other survivors, and they were eventually joined by a mysterious man known as Ivan Freeman. Zoey makes notes that Ivan looks similar to that of Gordon Freeman, who helped free humanity from the Combine's grasp and has also been declared dead for a while now.


  • She uses the beta version of Zoey from Left 4 Dead.

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