Chicken Man was an alias used by several people, mostly to commit criminal acts. The original creator of the identity was serial killer/vigilante/gangster Andrew Trapani (AKA The Killer of City 17) who used the alias to kidnap people and place them into traps. The identity would later be donned by Michael Pade as part of a revenge scheme against Nathan Johnson.


Chicken Man would simply don a basic yellow chicken mask. Rarely a full costume would be used, and the wearer would wear their own clothes. When Andrew Trapani donned the identity, he would sometimes wear the mask with his suit and tie and sometimes with robes. When Andrew returned as Chicken Man as part of a counter terrorist mission, he wore the mask with a leather jacket. The mask also had a cyborg appearance, such as metallic attachments and a glowing red eye.

When Michael Pade took on the identity, he done the same and simply wore the yellow mask but no full body costume.


After Andrew Trapani operated as the "Killer of City 17" for over a year, he began donning a comical looking yellow chicken mask in order to commit his crimes. The reason is unknown, although when he approached his victims with the costume the bizarre look of his attire made them think it was some sort of joke, only for it to be too late once the seriousness of the situation donned on them.

Quickly the media caught onto his activities and he was dubbed simply "Chicken Man", although they never twigged he was linked to the "Killer of City 17".

After Andrew's presumed death by electrocution, his henchman Dr. Ades previously donned the identity until he was killed. Andrew took back the alias when his mind was uploaded into a robotic chicken body, but it was destroyed.

Under a year since his death, Michael Pade (the son of Andrew's victim Samuel Pade) believed Nathan was Chicken Man after finding out Nathan worked for Andrew in the mob. Two years later Michael donned the identity to harass Nathan, and later kidnapped him. Michael took Nathan to a woodland with the plot to kill him and "avenge" his father, but Nathan got the upper hand and pushed Michael from a cliff and to his presumed death.

A year following this incident a very much alive Andrew was captured by government officials to use his skills to track down and kill a counter terrorist named Bolivar Bunny, whom was planning a terrorist attack during the Easter break. Andrew donned the identity of Chicken Man and carried out the mission, but went on the run afterwards.




  • Originally a story was to see Samuel Pade's daughter Vanessa being captured by followers of Chicken Man, who placed her into similar games her father had to carry out.
  • Chicken Man's actions are based off Jigsaw from the Saw film franchise, who kidnaps people and puts them through a series of deadly tests.

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