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Chelsea Vance is the daughter of Captain Vance and is the younger cousin of Alyx Vance. She is a main character in the unoffical Half-Life 2: Episode Four and has appeared in City 17 Street in a cameo appearance.

Character Biography

Half-Life 2: Episode Four

During the Uprising in City 17 and after the abduction of Alyx Vance, Chelsea begins to help escort citizens from City 17 before the explosion at the citadel and the city's possible destruction. She later meets up with Gordon Freeman and helps him along with Barney Calhoun get to the train station. She boards the train with Gordon and Barney and they escape City 17, although the train derails after being attacked by a gunship.

She doesn't appear in the sequel Half-Life: White Forest.

City 17 Street

Chelsea made a cameo appearance in City 17 Street in one episode broadcast in April 2009. She was part of a parade and movement in City 14.


  • The character was originally devised by Nathan Johnson for an unfinished film he was working on which would have been based off Half-Life 2: Episode One (2006). Acting as an expy/replacement of Alyx Vance, Chelsea assisted Gordon Freeman in infiltrating the citadel just like Freeman and Alyx did in the main game. Although this project was never finalised, she later appeared in a story with the unofficial title of Half-Life 2: Episode Four, in which she was made Alyx Vance's cousin. Despite her main role in that story (which acted pretty much as a re-imagining of Episode One) she was absent in its direct sequel Half-Life: White Forest.
  • The character briefly made a cameo in Nathan's series City 17 Street as an extra in 2009. Although having no dialogue, the showrunner confirmed that this was indeed "meant" to be the Chelsea character.

List of Appearances

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