Chain Reactions
Chain Reactions
Holly Hills being captured by The G-Man.


20 July 2007




"The Mission"

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"Chain Reactions" is the 18th episode of City 17 Street shown on the 20 July 2007. It features the debut appearance of Half-Life character The G-Man.


Nathan goes out to dinner with Sarah at Breen's Burgers.

Meanwhile a girl called Holly Hills is walking down the street when she finds herself kidnapped and dragged away. She is taken to an attic where she is tied up and gagged. Her captor leaves her there.

Nathan and Sarah continue spending the day together and they go out with each other in the evening.

Back to Holly, she attempts to escape her bonds but it is useless. Her captor returns - who is revealed as The G-Man. He takes her away to the roof and into a waiting Combine Dropship and heads toward the citadel.





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