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Captain Vance
Captain Vance
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Date of death

February 2009

Physical description

Human (briefly crossed his DNA with that of a Gargantua)




Gravity Gun, Knife

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Chronological and political information

The Resistance
The Clandestine Company


Captain Vance is the older brother of Eli Vance and the father of Chelsea Vance and the uncle of Alyx Vance. He appears in Half-Life 2: Episode Four and Half-Life: White Forest. He appeared in City 17 Street in a special long episode in February 2009 as a villain. He was a professor at the Black Mesa Research Facility, and works as a mole in the Resistance for the mysterious cult, the Clandestine Company.


Half-Life 2: Episode Four

Note:This follows an alternative timeline after the ending of Half-Life 2.

Captain Vance was still present in City 17 after Gordon Freeman assassinated Wallace Breen at the top of the citadel. Captain Vance was hired by his brother Eli to give Gordon Freeman the task of rescuing Alyx, who was kidnapped by a mysterious assailant while trying to escort citizens out of City 17. Captain Vance meets with Gordon Freeman and delivers the message, before mysteriously disappearing.

Half-Life: White Forest

It turns out that Captain Vance was a traitor. After leaving the message with Gordon, he headed to a cave nearby White Forest, where Alyx was being held. Before however he could sacrifice her, Gordon arrived and shot Eli Maxwell, and his Vortigaunt associate who had kidnapped Alyx from City 17.

Later on it turned out that Captain Vance was working for a mysterious cult known as the Clandestine Company, practicing in sick torture, sacrifices and being in touch with demonic creatures from other universes and from the deepest darkest parts of Xen. He was also associate with other Resistance member and ex-Black Mesa scientist Arne Magnusson who attempted to betray the Resistance to the strange creatures.

City 17 Street Special (2009)

Note:This was chronologically written before Half-Life: White Forest.

Three-years after his supposed death, Captain Vance attempted to open a new portal to the Combine world which was shut off by Gordon and Alyx years prior. When his plans where again foiled by Gordon, who was now working as an agent for the government, Captain Vance crossed his DNA with that of a Gargantua, transforming him into a disgusting giant being. Both Vance and Gordon faced off in a massive fight, but despite all his backup from his Xenian friends, Captain Vance was eventually defeated and killed off for good.


  • His name comes from Captain Vance, who appeared in the Half-Life: Beta.

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