Callum Rockwood
Callum Rockwood
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2 October 1990

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Brown (later black)

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Callum Rockwood is a character in the City 17 Street series, who appeared as a protagonist in his own side series and later a recurring antagonist of City 17 Street itself.


Callum Rockwood arrived in City 17 just prior to the Uprising. A hapless citizen, he wasn't fully aware of the dangers of humanity's war with the Combine and just enjoyed having fun.

Despite his comedic nature, Callum began to develop a darker personality when he became obsessed with the late Wallace Breen. He began to dress like Breen and wished to revive the Combine and even broke into the now-empty citadel and used Breen's office as his own.

Callum was murdered by Frank Blackstone, but later resurrected from the dead and created his own army of zombies in Ravenholm. His plot was to attack the outside world, but this was thwarted by Nathan Johnson, which forced Callum into hiding.


Callum Rockwood was originally a clueless, clumsy man with an immature personality. During the Combine occupation he was oblivious to their ruthless behaviour, although he did get into a scrap with a Metrocop at one point. He is also shown to follow people's instructions without a second thought, such as "shutting up" Hannah for G-Man.

Despite his silly personality, Callum did possess some intelligence and was handy with machinery and computers, which landed him a job in the citadel in the IT department. Despite this though his silly behaviour often irritated those around him. He also wasn't good at hitting on women, and would outright demand them for "sex", which only led to them keeping their distance from him. Despite appearing sex crazed, he was taken aback when a female he hit on actually accepted his request and forced herself upon him, much to his horror.

Callum's light hearted personality and care free personality began to disappear, and he became more ruthless and bitter. After developing a split personality in which he believed to be the late Wallace Breen, he kidnapped his own daughter to scare his girlfriend and even eliminated a witness. In his delusional mind Callum planned on "taking over" City 17 and developed a god complex, but ended up being arrested and sent to hospital for treatment. The exact cause of this personality change is unclear.


  • Callum was originally written as a rebooted version of Nathan Johnson when City 17 Street started using Garry's Mod to make episodes. But it was later decided to make the two of them separate entities rather than the same man.
  • The character went through a few different character designs. He originally used the traditional Male_07 citizen model, but then later a more disfigured and repulsive zombie model.
  • His surname is taken from Sheriff Rockwood, the main villain in the Half-Life horror mod They Hunger.


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