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Caleb Burkinshaw was the abusive partner of Nick Munro.


Caleb Burkinshaw worked in the same department as Nathan Johnson, Dan Mason, Simon Simms and Nick Munro at the City 17 Office. He began dating Nick, but behind closed doors was very abusive towards him and on one occasion dressed him up as a girl.

Despite his abusive behaviour he still had feelings for Nick and planned to propose to him, but this didn't come to anything as Nick was later murdered after being pushed off a bridge (with the perpetrator secretly being Nathan himself). Caleb grew depressed and threw himself into a canal in a suicide bid, but resurfaced and disappeared for a while, before returning to City 17 a month later. Caleb revealed he is pregnant to Nick's baby. Months following Nick's murder, Caleb gave birth to the baby who greatly resembled Nick.

Caleb developed feelings for Nathan, until he discovered the truth that Nathan murdered Nick. Caleb grew vengeful, but rather than go to the police chose to taunt Nathan with the knowledge. By this point Nathan was trying to keep his secret life as a killer hidden.

Caleb got himself a new partner, but proceeded to sexually assault him, leading to backlash. Caleb was suspected of having Nick killed and found himself forced to flee. He moved in with Nick's cousin, Quincy Munro and the pair indulged in a secret love affair. Caleb was presumed dead after being missing a large number of years.

At an unknown point Caleb and Quincy were contacted by the Cult of Munro, a secret society founded by ancestors of the Munro family. As the faction was dying, they needed to create a ritual which would bring Nick back from the dead, as a protehty saw him as their own personal "Second Coming" and would ensure their control over the city which was built over the land of the Munros. Caleb and Quincy got involved in the conspiracy, and Caleb kidnapper the son of him and OJ and took the life from the boy, causing him to age rapidly. The ritual ended with Quincy being possessed by the Spirit of Nick, and the shedding of his skin revealing a youthful young man, who was Nick reborn.



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