Bo-Bo the Clown is a series of short stories relating to a serial killer clown by the name of Bo-Bo. The first part was drawn as a comic strip in 2010, and was followed by a two-part sequel in 2015, which crossed itself over into the City 17 Street universe.


Bo-Bo the Clown (2010)

It is the birthday party of seven year old Sally, who is having fun with her friends. There is a knock at the door and her mother announces that she has a special surprise for them - a birthday clown! The children get excited but it is cut short when the mother answers the door, to find a hulking, disturbing figure in a clown costume armed with a machete. The man laughs and shouts "happy birthday" and hacks Sally's mum with the machete.

Shortly after, the killer clown Bo-Bo ties Sally up to a chair and serves her up a cake with her mother's head on it. He then mockingly says "happy birthday Sally" before letting out a sickening laugh.

Bo-Bo's Revenge & Bo-Bo and Sally (2015)

Five years since the party massacre, it is revealed that Bo-Bo is locked up in a psychiatric hospital. He manages to escape the hospital on the fifth anniversary of killing Sally's mother, and buys himself a new clown mask from a convenience store. Noticing a young couple, he follows them on intent on making them his first victims in years.

A couple or so days since his breakout, Bo-Bo tracks down Sally's new address. He abducts both Sally and her father and takes them to an abandoned amusement park, in which he puts on a show consisting on magic tricks, which he hopes will make Sally laugh. When she refuses, he threatens to kill her father but even when she does manage to put on a fake laugh, he guts her father with a knife. An agent named Dan Mason whom was hunting after Bo-Bo tracks him down to the park. When Bo-Bo attempts to escape, Dan guns him down and presumably kills him.

Sally is taken to a children's hospital where she again begins receiving treatment. One night she awakens to find a clown mask next to her bed, along with Bo-Bo's knife. Seemingly under some sort of control and possession, she puts on the mask and uses the knife to murder a nurse. Sally then makes her escape from the hospital and retreats into a nearby woodland, and watches as police arrive at the hospital.

Bo-Bo's Apprentice

Four months since his presumed death, Bo-Bo now has a young apprentice in tow by the name of Jasper, who he wants to show the ropes to become a serial killer. The pair of them join a killer cult under the control of an individual known as the White Owl.

City 17 Street

Bo-Bo began appearing in the City 17 Street series itself (although under the new faux title of City 17 Redux and appears as the primary antagonist in the first series of stories. Here he is the archenemy of Dan Mason, and looking for a way to unleash his legion of clowns.

In the tenth anniversary Halloween Special, Bo-Bo returns as a broken soul who possesses the body of a deranged scientist named Dr. Chester Franklin, who is responsible for bringing back the dead. Bo-Bo begins commanding his own zombie army in a bid to take over City 17 and turn the populace into murderous clowns.


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