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"Surprise fucker! Ha-ha-HA!"
―Bo-Bo before he kills Sally's mother.

Bo-Bo the Clown (real name Jack Clunes) the clown was a serial killer who operated in City 18. He becomes the primary antagonist of the first series of City 17 Redux, and is the archenemy to Dan Mason and Sally.


Bo-Bo's true identity is unknown, and the name itself comes from a popular children's television series Bo Bo's Magical Funhouse. The killer himself was a fan of the show, so adopted the Bo-Bo alias to use for his crimes.

Bo-Bo the Killer Clown

In 2010 Bo-Bo murdered a birthday clown who was on his way to a children's party. Bo-Bo takes the clowns place and drives to the party where he murders the mother of birthday girl Sally and murders the other parents. He ties Sally up to a chair and serves her up a birthday cake with her mother's head placed on tops, and mockingly wishes her a "happy birthday" before letting out a sickening cackle.


Bo-Bo kept Sally alive and he was arrested and imprisoned at a psychiatric hospital. The mass slaughter he committed shocked the city, which created a new law to prohibit anyone dressing as a clown. However regardless of this the rule dropped and scary clown masks were back selling in the shops for Halloween.

Bo-Bo's Revenge

Five years since the birthday slaughter, Bo-Bo managed to escape the hospital and plots a new killing spree. Mugging and murdering a passerby, he uses their money to buy a cheap clown mask from a 99p store and also a kitchen knife. His attention is drawn to a young couple and he begins to follow them, wanting to give them the "honor" of becoming his first victims after a long absence.

Bo-Bo and Sally

Bo-Bo managed to track down Sally's whereabouts and abducted both her and her father and took the pair to an abandoned funfair. Bo-Bo puts on a show consisting of magic tricks and stunts in order to make Sally "laugh", but when she refuses he threatens to kill her father in front of her. Even though Sally puts on a laugh, Bo-Bo isn't satisfied and cuts up her father with a knife.

Agent Dan Mason tracks down Bo-Bo to the funfair and when he attempts escape shoots him dead.


After his death, Sally was taken to a children's hospital for treatment. One night in her ward, Sally awoke to find Bo-Bo's clown mask and knife by the side of her bed. Sally begins to break down in laughter and seemingly possessed by Bo-Bo, brandishes his mask and knife and murders a nurse. Before the police can arrive, Sally flees into a nearby woodland and disappears.

Bo-Bo's Apprentice

However despite his supposed death, Bo-Bo resurfaces four months later, with a new apprentice by the name of Jasper in tow. The pair of them join a serial killing cult under the order of the White Owl and Bo-Bo takes Jasper in a spree of serial killings in order to teach him "the ropes". However Bo-Bo slips deeper into insanity and seeing himself as the "superior clown", murders the White Owl and dons his mask, becoming the leader of the killer cult. Bo-Bo then turns on Jasper and skins his face off and hangs it on his wall, and admitting even though he loved him, no one can lick his boots as the best clown killer.

Clown Craze

Five years after his supposed 'death', a wave of copycat killings by serial killing clowns begin to spread across the city of New Seventeen. It seems that Bo-Bo's legacy has lived on, and although the clown craze has started as simple pranks, disciples of Bo-Bo have chosen to murder in his honour.


  • Frank Blackstone once worked as a children's entertainer and went by the name "Bo-Bo the Clown".


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