Blackstone Logo
The title card



Created by

Nathan Johnson


Rapture, Industrial 17


Drama, Soap Opera, Crime



Blackstone is a cancelled 2016 spin-off series set within the City 17 Street universe. It follows the exploits of Frank Blackstone (The G-Man) and his day to day life and wanting to rise to the top of the criminal underworld.

The story also features a loose connection to BioShock and features Rapture in a contemporary setting instead of the 1960s like BioShock and BioShock 2.

Elements of the story was recycled for the series Unforeseen Consequences: G-Man Chronicles.


Taking place in the "re-imagined" setting of City 17 Street as established in August 2014, Frank Blackstone has now lost his "G-Man" status and been banished to earth by his mysterious employers. A new woman is in his place called G-Woman, whom Frank takes a dislike to and plots to take down and take back his name and old abilities when the G-Man.

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