"Black Mesa Escape"
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22 August 2007


"No Prospects"


"Gordon Freeman"

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"Black Mesa Escape" is a special episode of City 17 Street and is part of the 1st Anniversary celebration. The special acts as a prequel and is set primarily during the Black Mesa Incident as depicted in the original Half-Life, but from the perspective of protagonist Nathan Johnson who is seen working as a security guard at the facility. Nathan attempts to escape during the chaos and fights through aliens and marines similar to what Gordon Freeman had to endure.

This episode is also the final part of the fourth series of the "Half-Life" era. The episode however is not tied to any other episodes and is standalone, and the canon and reliability is brought into question and whether or not Nathan made it up.

An original character named Chloe Peterson appears in the episode for this sole appearance. The actress playing her would later go onto play Hannah Robertson.


Nathan looks back to when he worked at the Black Mesa Incident as a security guard and was forced to fight to survive and escape the facility.



  • The character of Chloe Peterson was originally going to feature in the previous "series" (sometime in between "Pool of Death" and "Dark Energy") but was cut. She acts as a prototype to the character of Hannah Robertson.
  • The reliability of Nathan's claim at working at Black Mesa is unknown and whether or not he made the story up. In following episodes Nathan makes up different occupations such as a file clerk, or in other claims that he didn't work at Black Mesa at all and instead their rival Aperture Laboratories.

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