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Black Mesa
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1 March 2017

Created by

Nathan Johnson


Black Mesa Research Facility



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Based on

Half-Life by Valve Software
Characters created by Nathan Johnson

Black Mesa (also known as Black Mesa: The Series or Black Mesa: The GoldSrc Days) is a story series based on Valve's Half-Life series, which acts as a prequel building up to the events of the original Half-Life. The series will primarily be taking resources from the source remake of the same name Black Mesa.

It is being developed by Nathan Johnson, and includes characters from his other Half-Life based fan series City 17 Street, although isn't a direct prequel but rather a re-imagining taking place in its own continuity. As well as being based off the original Half-Life, it will include elements from non-canon mods in relation to the game.

A sequel spin-off series Half-Life Chronicles is planned.


The series features several people and their daily lives at the research facility Black Mesa, New Mexico.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Series 1 (2017)

# Episode name Original airdate
1 "Pilot" 1 March 2017
2 "Office Complications"
3 "Drunk"
4 "Borderworld"
5 "We Are Not Alone"
6 "Induction"
7 "Insecurity"
8 "Anomalous Materials"
9 "Domestic Violence"
10 "Public Relations"
11 "Questionable Ethics"
12 "Unforeseen Consequences"

Series 2


The idea was initially proposed in September 2016 following the "conclusion" of City 17 Street. Several episodes set during the Black Mesa Incident had appeared in the series before, although through the use of flashbacks.

After not much word Nathan discussed interest in the project in February 2017 and released a cast list of who would appear. He revealed that the series would not be completely canon to Half-Life or his own series City 17 Street (although it will feature characters from both), but will instead take place in its own alternative universe and feature heavy modifications to the story.

Most of the series is planned to take place in the weeks prior to the Black Mesa Incident, and will then feature a feature length finale taking place during the events of the original Half-Life. It will also implement characters and storyline from the expansion packs Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Decay, as well as taking elements from fan made modes such as Azure Sheep.


See Lambda Nation

NathanJohnson originally envisioned for the first series to take place prior to the Black Mesa Incident, with the second series then dealing with the incident and the destruction of Black Mesa as depicted in Opposing Force. However in March 2017 Nathan stated that the series would be followed up by a spin-off series titled Lambda Nation, which will implore elements from the wider Half-Life universe, including characters and events from his own series.