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"Black Mesa" is the seventh part of a special set of episodes for City 17 Street which takes the perspective of Gordon Freeman. However taking inspiration from the famous webcomic Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman, Gordon Freeman's depiction in the specials is more comedic and taken less seriously than his journey in Half-Life 2.

The specials were originally written to bridge a weekly gap between the episodes "Chain Reactions" and "The Mission", but where later bundled as part of the fourth series of the "Half-Life" era.

This episode features a flashback to Black Mesa - the primary setting of the original Half-Life. The flashbacks take place prior to the Black Mesa Incident.


Showing the events prior to the Black Mesa Incident. Gina Cross delivers the Xen crystal to the test chamber. Gordon Freeman enjoys a beer with Barney Calhoun after a long day.


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