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Billy Bones
Billy Bones
Biographical information


Date of death

16 March 2008, City 17 Office, City 17

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Hair color

Light blonde (receding)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

City 17 Zombie Attack


City 17 Office
The Combine


Billy Bones was a manger at the City 17 Office and a friend/enemy of Nathan Johnson. He made sporatic appearances from 2006 until his death in 2008.


Much of Billy's past life is unknown. In 2006 shortly after the invasion of the Combine, he took over one of their office facilities in City 17, simply titled the City 17 Office. He later hired a man named Nathan Johnson, but they would have several conflicts with each other.

Zombie Attack

In October 2006 nearing the Halloween period, Billy got into an argument with Nathan over his slacking. Nathan left, and Billy was later attacked by zombies and thrown through a window. Nathan was attacked shortly after and thrown down a flight of stairs. Despite being thrown through a third story window, Billy somehow survived.

Back to work and death

Billy returned in late 2007 and took back his manager's position. On his first day back he met big problems when a helicopter crashed into the office, causing mass damage and chaos. Despite it being written off as an accident, Billy faced insurance problems.

In March 2008, 6 months since his return, Billy was shot dead by an angry customer due to his dealings. He was succeeded by Moral Bennett.

As a ghost

Over eight years since his demise, Billy appeared as a ghost to Nathan in May 2016 when Nathan was imprisoned at Nova Prospekt by the Clandestine Company. Billy urged his frenemy to continue on the fight.


  • Despite his minor role, Billy was introduced as the first ally to Nathan Johnson, but at the same time a minor arch enemy (although nothing took a serious toll).
  • Billy was originally to be written in for one episode (the Halloween Special) and he was meant to die in the zombie attack. But in August 2007 the character was reintroduced again, but not much explanation was given in his absence.
  • Billy appeared in a drafted script for spin-off City 14 in February 2007, and it appeared he was to take on a similar role as in his (then) one-off City 17 Street appearance.
  • In the Garry's Mod version, he uses the bald citizen model.

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