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Bernard Livingston (nickname The Recruit) is the protagonist of The Citizen Chronicles and a member of the Resistance fighting against the Combine. He was killed during the Strider attack on White Forest whilst protecting Dr Magnussen's rocket.


Bernard was a citizen residing in City 17 who later joined the Resistance to fight against the Combine Empire. In the week following Gordon Freeman's destruction of Nova Prospekt, Bernard took part in the Uprising and a plot to assassinate Wallace Breen. His team attempted to assassinate Breen at a Combine headquarters, but failed.

Bernard, along with Samuel Pade and Sarah Woods traveled to a Combine factory to stop them dumping toxins into the city's water supply and poisoning the residents of City 17. The Combine's scheme was prevented, although Samuel died during the shootout. Bernard and Sarah escaped through a tunnel and into a beach, where they were met by a group claiming to be evacuees, who stated that Gordon Freeman is now in the citadel preparing to kill Breen.

But Bernard and Sarah soon discovered this group weren't resistance, but a group of pirates. Bernard and Sarah found themselves kidnapped and taken away in a boat. They were transported to a small coastal town to meet their leader, who wanted to use Bernard's skills for his own gain. Bernard and Sarah escaped the group's grasp and managed to shoot their way through the members, kill the leader and escape in a boat.

Bernard and Sarah made their way to the White Forest base. Bernard took part in helping Freeman protect Arne Magnussen's rocket from attacking Striders, but during the conflict got injured when a collapsing Strider crushed him. Bernard's corpse was taken back to the White Forest base after the Striders were dealt with, with Sarah collapsing next to his body in distress over his death.


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