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Barney Calhoun was one of the leaders of the Resistance and had worked undercover as a Metrocop during the Combine occupation of City 17.

Five-years after the downfall of the Combine, Barney came out of retirement to help fight against the New Combine during the New Combine Civil War, although it ended in their victory.

Five-years following this, Barney became a carer to a sickly Isaac Kleiner and worked as the head of security for an undisclosed company. Barney and Kleiner lived in a flat in White Forest Town.


  • Barney is a main character in the Half-Life game series, appearing in the first game as an unnamed security guard, the playable protagonist in the second Gearbox expansion pack Half-Life: Blue Shift and then a major role in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One.

List of Appearances

Series 3
    • "Traitor"
2012 Series

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