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Azian Vance was the wife of Eli Vance and mother of Alyx Vance.



Azian married Eli Vance and the pair of them had a daughter together whom they called Alyx. The family moved to the dormitories of the Black Mesa Research Facility when Eli got a job there as a scientist.

Black Mesa

Azian and her daughter Alyx resided at the dormintories whilst Eli worked, although it is unknown if Azian held any occupation at Black Mesa. She would take Alyx to the daycare centre and give her private tutorials and lessons.

Azian tried to look for Alyx when the Black Mesa Incident kicked off. However she was unable to locate her daughter and ended up being killed by a bullsquid - one of the many alien creatures that teleported through to earth from Xen following the resonance cascade. Alyx was later saved by The G-Man.

City 17 Street

Alyx would have a daughter by Gordon Freeman and named her Azian in her late mother's honour.


  • She uses the Alyx Vance model with added long black hair and wears a black sweater.
  • Azian Vance was a mentioned character in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode Two, in which the photograph of her, Eli and an infant Alyx were seen.

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