Azian Vance Jr
Azian Vance, Jr
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Azian Vance, Jr (or just simply Azian Vance) is the daughter of Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman (City 17) and the granddaughter of Eli Vance and Azian Vance (whom she is named after). She was conceived after a brief relationship between her mother and father, until Alyx later severed contact with Freeman and had the child without his knowledge.


About nine years after her birth, she was kidnapped by her father who was now operating under the alias of the "Dark One", a military leader and head of the Clandestine Company. She was held at the citadel, where she was eventually rescued by Alyx and Chell Johnson and evacuated along with other prisoners kept by Freeman. Alyx later escaped the citadel when teleported away by Nathan Johnson, and later reunited with her daughter.

Alyx chose not to tell Azian that the "Dark One" is her father.


Thirteen-years after the death of the Dark One, Azian now operates under the alias of "Azian Maxwell" and travels across the wastelands. She goes on a mission to infiltrate a bunker run by an unnamed militant group nearby the now desolated City 17 in order to rescue her half-sister Georgina. As Azian takes cover behind a ruined building, she looks at a photograph of her father adorably. She then detects something nearby, and withdraws her mother's pistol, preparing to face whatever is coming.


Azian has a striking similarity to her mother, although chooses to have her hair let loose. Like her father, she uses glasses to see.

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