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Axe Murderer: The Origins of Clandestine


Created by

Nathan Johnson


The Outlands
White Forest


Crime, Horror



"Axe Murderer: The Origins of Clandestine" is an episode of City 17 Street and part of the Path to Clandestine story arc in 2016. It features a crossover with the Axe Murderer series.


After a tip off from Thomas Wilson, two agents named Dan Mason and Simon Simms travel into the countryside with the purpose of discovering the link between the The Order and a secret society known as the Clandestine Company. They come across the White Forest Inn where they book a room. Questioning the receptionist at the Inn, he mentions how the pair of them wasn't the only ones to ask about the Ormiston Order. Asking who was the first to ask, they are pointed out to the individual, who turns out to be surviving victim Valerie Peterson. Valerie mentions how survived the ordeal along with her sons, but at the expense of her husband's life. Dan deduces she is seeking retribution, and convinces her not to go deeper down into the path of darkness. Valerie snaps out of her plan to seek the truth, and decides to collect her son Felix from relatives and leave for good.

Dan and Simon are altered to passing police cars blaring their sirens so follow them. They find themselves at the scene of a crime where a film crew filming a documentary of the Axe Murderer case have been found butchered. In the distance Dan notices an abandoned silo. He wishes to search it in seeking the Clandestine Company, but is dismissed by the county police as it is private land.

Meanwhile Valerie goes to collect Felix from her aunt and uncle, only to find them both dead and Felix missing. She is pursued by a dark figure and despite escaping in her car, the figure found their way into it and attacks Valerie, causing her to crash her car. Dan and Simon are called to the crash site. Dan believes that Valerie has been abducted, and decides he can't wait for a warrant to search the silo so plots with Simon to break in.

At the silo, Valerie is led in by the figure and taken to an experimentation room in which Sharon Dark works at. She is strapped into a chair and visited by Warren Smyth, who reveals that the Ormiston Order was just a facade for greater things in mind. He tells Valerie he doesn't intend to kill her, but brainwash him as his new killer and reveals that Callum Harrison was put through a similar situation years prior. He also tells her she will reunite with Felix, but she is angry and continues to resist. The figure who abducted her is revealed as her oldest son Darren Peterson, who is now a brainwashed member of the organization. Valerie is gagged and a helmet is placed on her head to prepare the sequence. But Dan and Simon arrive to rescue her, and Warren makes his escape and activates a timer to destroy the facility. After facing off with Darren he ends up being shot dead by Dan. A distraught Valerie believes she can hear Felix's cries and runs back into the facility, and Dan and Simon are forced to leave without her. The facility is destroyed, with Valerie presumably killed. Dan and Simon make their escape, and decide to keep their findings to themselves, knowing they won't be believed.

Back at Dan's safehouse, he curses himself for screwing up and failing Valerie. He is disgusted at a news report that claims the report was demolition, and realises how much power the organization has. He then has another drink, and puts Valerie out of his mind.

In an undisclosed location, it is shown that Valerie survived the explosion but is in a coma. A doctor reports this to a newly arrived Warren, and reveals that they will be able to still brainwash her. Warren is pleased. As he passes through the corridor, he observes a room which has a disorientated and drugged up Felix walking about.




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