Another Day
Another Day
Combine forces storm City 17.


30 August 2006


"The Idiot"


"Halloween Special"

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"Another Day" is a two-part story in the first series of City 17 Street, which acts as the third and fourth episode of the series as well as the series 1 finale. It broadcast on the 30 August and 8 September 2006 respectively.


Part 1

Nathan Johnson starts his first day at the City 17 Office. Meanwhile John Robertson finds himself being followed by civil protection officers. Sneaking into a car park and hiding behind a car, the door opens and slams in his face. There he meets a woman named Alison Rubin who apologises. But John has no time and says he needs to getaway, and she offers to give him a ride in her car. They then take off together.

Simon Simms is having his lunch in a cafe when a bunch of scanners arrive and he vacates the area.

In Alison's apartment they notice the chaos going on in City 17. John suggests they should help the Resistance fight against the Combine.

After leaving work Nathan finds himself being stalked by a Strider. He makes a run for it and rushes to a resistance hideout. A Vortigaunt approaches Nathan and reveals the Resistance are planning an attack against the Combine and whether or not he will help them. Nathan accepts the offer.

Part 2

Wallace Breen warns the citizens of City 17 not to fight against the Combine as it will prove fruitless.

Nathan heads back to his office to gather information on the Combine and to collect weapons.

A street war breaks out and Alison ends up being shot dead. An emotional John grabs the officer responsible and guts him with a knife. Vortigaunts pour onto the streets and start shocking Combine troops. Breen continues making pleas with the citizens to stop what they are doing, for their own sake.

The Combine forces manage to push back the Resistance attacks and reclaim City 17 once again. Breen berates the citizens in his new Breencast about their behaviour.

Nathan looks at the aftermath of the carnage and reveals to Simon that he is transferring to another city. Nathan later boards a train to City 14, leaving City 17 behind.



  • Originally was going to be a prequel story depicting the Seven Hour War.
  • In the original script, John Robertson was replaced with Simon Simms.
  • This story introduced Alison Rubin as a romance to John Robertson. Although this story originally stated they first met, this was later retconned and the pair were given a history, and they even had a daughter named Hannah Robertson.
  • This story featured the first death of a character - Alison.

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