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Andy Shephard
Andy Shephard
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23 March 2013

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Dark brown

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Black Mesa Incident
Seven Hour War
The Uprising
New Combine Civil War


Black Ops
The Combine
New Combine


Andy Shephard is the younger brother of Adrian Shephard and a character in City 17 Street. He is a former black ops assassin for the United States Government, later a high ranking member of the 'New Combine'. He was the protagonist in the story series "The Adventures of Andy Shephard" and a key character in its aftermath.



Andy worked as a black ops assassin and was assigned to help destroy the Black Mesa Research Facility. While arming the nuclear device he was shot by a marine (unknown to Andy was his brother Adrian, who himself was unaware his brother was one of the black ops). While Andy was unconscious, Adrian disarmed the bomb, although when he left The G-Man armed it again. Andy managed to evacuate from the facility before the device was set off.

After earth was dominated by the Combine Empire, Andy began a career as a Metrocop in an unknown Combine City. But he came to regret his career move so instead became a mole for the Resistance and managed to go undetected.

Undercover work

Andy worked for the resistance and worked undercover to infiltrate the New Combine after their partial takeover of City 17 in the aftermath of the New Combine Civil War. Andy worked close to their apparent leader Ermin in order to gain information, and put on the mask that he had a burning hatred for the Resistance. Around this time Andy managed to free his brother Adrian from the G-Man's grasp, although still put on the act he desired revenge.


Andy was shot in the head by Ermin on the orders of his true boss Tony Angelo - who had been manipulating everything from the start in order to instigate a war. His body was later found dumped in a street, and although it was deduced Andy was assassinated no one knew the actual culprit.


  • Andy is supposed to be the Black Ops assassin arming the nuclear bomb as depicted in Half-Life: Opposing Force.
  • A year after the character's death a prequel miniseries with the working title The Return of Andy Shephard was in the works. The story would have depicted his time at infiltrating the Black Mesa Research Facility and coming across other black ops assassins as well as HECU marines.


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