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Andrew Trapani was the Underboss of the Simmons crime family in City 17, and also the creator of the murderous alter ego Chicken Man.


Original murder spree

Andrew Trapani arrived in City 17 in August 2009 when he had gotten himself a job at the City 17 Office. A career criminal and Capo of the Angelo family, Andrew had led a double life as a serial killer targeting other criminals and cops who he feels are threatening his operations, although he gives them a chance of redemption and seeing if they could survive.

Andrew's crimes come to the attention of cop Samuel Pade who begins investigating the "Chicken Man Murders". Andrew lured Samuel to an abandoned subway in City 17 and shot him, knocking Samuel unconscious and fatally wounding him. After nursing Samuel back to health, Andrew locked him away in Nova Prospekt pitting him against criminals and seeing Samuel's will to survive. Although Samuel had escaped the nightmarish Nova Prospekt, the whole ordeal had taken its toll on him and a satisfied Andrew was able to continue without any problems.

Becoming Underboss

In June 2010 Andrew's boss Tony Angelo was "murdered" and with the gang being taken over by Don Simmons, Andrew took on the role as Underboss. When Nathan Johnson returned to City 17 two-months later, Andrew acted as his mentor, showing him the ins and outs of working in the gang properly.

Trapani Sphere

Feeling that Don Simmons wasn't up for the game as Don, Andrew tricked a gullible Simmons into signing over all his assets of the City 17 Office. This had caused Don Simmons to flee, as Andrew uploaded his mind into a personality core and took over the City 17 Office. Mad with power he had forced the workers to do hard labour and to work under his strict rule, hoping to possibly expand. Nathan and Simon Simms were forced to confront Trapani and blow up the office, presumably killing him.

New Start

In reality Trapani had survived the explosion and returned to his physical body. He moved to City 99 (a Miami lookalike) and began to set up his own crew from scratch (he managed to download all the City 17 Office's assets and fortune into his own bank account). After months of hard work, Trapani managed to destroy the criminals of City 99 and became the Don of the whole city, finally making something for himself. He had retired from his serial killing lifestyle, knowing one day somebody would take on the mantle of the Chicken Man and settled down with his wife and child.


Several years after faking his death, a couple became obsessed with the Chicken Man case and started donning their own masks and putting kidnapped victims into their own little "games". They then went onto kidnapping Samuel's daughter Vanessa and forced her to carry out a similar series of tests Andrew put her father up against. Vanessa managed to escape the game, but unlike her father refused to kill herself over the pain. Angry, the couple recaptured her and plotted to execute her, but the police tracked them down and they were arrested.

Gun for hire

Andrew was captured by a government agency, who instead of wanting to bring him to justice tasked Andrew to tracking down a terrorist known as Bolivar Bunny who was planning on detonating bombs over the Easter period. Andrew donned his chicken man alias once again and went on a quest to track down and kill Bunny. Bunny captured Andrew and imprisoned him on a rooftop, and started detonating bombs concealed in Easter Eggs across the city. Despite being pinned to a wall by an axe, Andrew managed to detach it and threw it at Bunny's neck, slashing it and killing him.

By the time the police and agency arrived at the scene, Andrew was gone and managed to leave City 17 by train.

Fight against the Clandestine Company

A year later Andrew returned to City 17 and began operating in the abandoned City 17 Office building. He was approached by David Wakeham and attacked, presumably killed.

However Andrew assisted the Resistance in their fight against the Clandestine Company during the final battle in Gm construct. During the battle he was dressed in his chicken mask and wearing his leather jacket. It isn't know if he survived the battle.



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