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Alison Rubin
Alison Robertson
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8 September 2006 (character)

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Alison Robertson (née Rubin) is the deceased wife of John Robertson and the mother of Samantha and Hannah and appeared in the first season of City 17 Street.


Alison and John had their first daughter Samantha in 1990 and then their second in 1998.

In 2006 during a conflict between the Resistance and the Combine, Alison tried to help a man named Simon Simms escape the chaos. During a large street war, taking place near the Nexus building, Alison was caught in gunfire and killed. Simon was sad at her death, and killed a nearby metrocop who had killed her.

Alison appeared in a flashback in 2010 showing her with a baby Hannah, which was presented to Nathan Johnson by Frank Blackstone, suggesting he may of played a part in her demise.

Following the creation of a new timeline, Alison became Alan Robertson with John becoming Jackie Robertson.


  • She is the first character to die in City 17 Street.
  • In the scripts for the first season Alison is listed with the surname Rubin, even though she is married to John and her daughters have the surname Robertson.
  • Her character model is "female 05".

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