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Adrian Shephard
Adrian Shephard
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For the character from the "Half-Life" series see Adrian Shephard.

Adrian Shephard is the older brother of Andy Shephard and a member of the Resistance.


The Black Mesa Incident

In March 2003 Adrian had trained for the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU) and in May of that year was sent on a special mission to the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexcio. There he was caught up in chaos along with his squad mates when the facility was overrun with hostile alien species. After defeating the mysterious Race X, Adrian was taken away by the G-Man and put away into stasis until he was needed.

The Seven Hour War

Shortly after the Black Mesa Incident, Adrian was awoken to help fight in the Seven Hour War. Regardless, humanity had lost and Adrian went missing.

Fight against the New Combine

Years later he resurfaced during the New Combine Civil War, becoming the leader of the new Resistance against the new Combine forces. Here Adrian was captured by G-Man a second time and put back into stasis.

His younger brother Andy Shephard (who worked as a black ops assassin during the Black Mesa Incident) paid G-Man to release Adrian, as he wanted revenge for feeling abandoned. G-Man agrees and meets Adrian upon the Osprey, which is flying over a farm near Evo City. But Adrian gets the upper hand and attacks G-Man, causing the Osprey to crash. Adrian crawls from the wreckage and goes on the run. However Adrian later "makes up" with his brother, much to the confusion of Andy's Combine employers. After Andy is murdered, Adrian attends his funeral.


  • Andy Shephard is the protagonist of the Gearbox expansion pack Half-Life: Opposing Force (1999).



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