"A Stag Night to Remember"
The Almighty Stag Night 2


13 February 2016




"Valentine's Day"


City 17, The Sex Place, Shrek's Cabin

"A Stag Night to Remember" is an episode in the City 17 Street 2016 series. It is part of the "Toby and Rapunzel Wedding Trilogy" and features Toby's stag night. The episode also guest appears Toby's villainous cousin Barney the Dinosaur, who is revealed as Shrek.



It is the day of Toby's stag night and he heads out to the Sex Place with his friends for a lot of drinking and partying. Meanwhile Rapunzel is kidnapped by Shrek, who has lost Princess Fiona and has gone around abducting princesses to keep captive. Although she manages to text Toby about her kidnapping, he is well out of it and she is forced to save herself and kill Shrek.



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